TRF Saftey Forms

These forms are required for all video and film shoots done for VMA classes on location.

  • Safety Form S1
    Safety Form S1 is a location checklist. Students fill out the form in order to raise issues concerning safety. If a student has checked “No” on all of the questions, then there are no safety issues concerning that shoot that need to be addressed. The professor should sign off on the checklist and file it. If a student checks “Yes,” then a dialogue will open up between the student and professor. If the student checks “Yes,” this does not necessarily mean the student will not be able to shoot his or her intended idea. It begins the discussion of making movies in a safe manner.
  • Safety Form S2
    If a student answers “Yes” to any of the questions on the S1 form, then the S2 form must be filled out. The student will note the question number and give an explanation of his or her intention. If it is reasonable and safe, the professor will sign off on the form and then file it. If the professor does not deem the shoot safe, an alternative method should be figured out. If it cannot be resolved, the student and/or professor can consult Lenny Manzo.